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Get Creative

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The worlds first design your own wallpaper App!!


At the 'Printed Wallpaper Company' being creative is what makes us tick...!   Now its your turn...

We all have our own individual tastes and prefered styles when it come to our interiors however these can often be influenced by current trends. Do the colours, designs and patterns always fulfill our own personal tastes and styles? Have you ever thought to your self "I would love this wallpaper if only I could alter the pattern or change the colours to work with my existing interior"  maybe it doesn't flow with your current soft furnishings & furniture. Often we then feel the task in hand will be emence, costly and result in changing the entire interior, posing the question where do I start ?...  Overwhelming... it doesn't have to be !


The 'Printed Wallpaper Company' are the first ever wallpaper site that encourages YOU to dabble in being an interior designer, expressing YOUR own creative flare and indulging in YOUR own personal style!


The 'Get Creative Design App' has thousands of patterns and designs to choose from...

How does it work?



•  Search then select you prefered patterndesign you own wallpaper app


•  Get creative with your colours using the colour edit button


• Add a texture if you fancy


• Scale your design using the slider


• Once happy click the save button and admire you faboulous designs


• press the apply button


 •  Input the dimensions of your wall and scale your design


• Now for the fun part choose your paper and purchase!





For a little extra design acknowledge and achievement... send your pics to us once installed in your space and we will be delighted to exhibit your master piece on our gallery page!


Don't forget guys your saw it here first... " THE WORLDS FIRST DESIGN YOUR OWN WALLPAPER APP"