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How do I measure my wall? 

Step 1: Measure the width from corner to corner.

Step 2: Meaure the height at each corner as walls are never perfectly square.  Choose the greater of two heights if different.

Step 3: Tell us where any obstacles are, if in doubt send us a detailed drawing or plan.


How long will my wallpaper take to arrive?

From receipt of your order and agreed artwork your wallpaper should arrive within 3-5 working days.


What paste do you recommend?

We recommend a pre-mixed, high strength, paste the wall wallpaper paste.


Can I wipe my wallpaper to clean it? What do you recommend?

You can wipe your wallpaper clean with a soft damp sponge, try to avoid vigorous rubbing as this may damage the print.


How can I protect my wallpaper in high traffic areas?

In high traffic areas such as commerical premises, restaurants and bars, we recommend Muracote liquid laminate be applied.


How do I order a design from your website?

Simply select the image of your choice and email us with the name of the image.


What are your payment terms?

Prior to printing your wallpaper we require payment.


Do you charge VAT on wallpaper?



Can I make changes to the design, (i.e. colour or pattern size)?

We can match colours to your interior design scheme and adjust patterns to your prefered scale.


Do you ship abroad and what are the charges?

Yes we can ship abroad, prices vary and can be supplied on request.


Can you print from my own image?

Yes we can, providing the image is high res and good quality.


If I send you artwork, what file format and size would you require?

All artwork needs to be provided in either Adobe .AI, .EPS or .PDF for artwork or pattern wallpaper.  However photos and mural wallpapers need to be provided in either a .jpg or .tiff format.  Please ensure they are saved in CMYK format not RGB as this gives better colour accuracy. 300 dpi at 25% scale.  Please contact us if you're unsure.


Is the wallpaper environmentally friendly?

We do have a pre-pasted paper from the Digimura range. This is 100% PVC free, manufactured from 100% recycled waste. The glue is vegetable starch based. We use latex inks (no solvents) which have a green accreditation award.


Do you print on textured wallpapers?

Yes we do, take a look at the paper range section on our website.


Can you replicate period wallpaper designs?

This all depends on the condition of the wallpaper and the detail in the design. We would require a sample of the original paper.


How do I know if my choice of wallpaper is suitable for my room? - i.e. Bathrooms, Kitchens

We will always try to recommend the best product suited to your application.