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Installation Advice


Your wallpaper has been packaged with great care, please ensure before you begin fitting it has arrived in tip top condition and not damaged in transit. Make sure that you have adequate lighting  so that you can inspect the material properly while you are hanging it and after it is in position. The cool thing is that it is re-positionable while the paste is still wet  so if something has gone slightly awry you can sort it there and then. 



Prepare any surface holes, cracks and defects with good quality filler once dry smooth out until your wall surface is even. 

Remove all dirt, dust or loose surface materials.

To ensure correct adhesion of your wallpaper we recomend sealing your wall with a sealer (Zinnser Guardz)



Unlike traditional wallpaper yours will arrive in aproxomatly 1300mm wide drops equally proportioned to your wall size labelled in drop numbers. The joins will be pre cut for easy pattern / image matching making fitting easier with no waste.

Mark the first drop on the wall with a pencil either working from the far right or left depending on your own preference then using a plumb line or spirit level lightly draw a pencil mark vertically to show where to line up the edge of the first drop.

Apply undiluted adhesive to the surface to be covered using a medium-pile paint roller. Only paste one drop area at a time.

Use a soft spatula to apply the wallpaper mural to the prepared surface using a smooth up-and-down motion. Take care not to squeeze the adhesive out at the edges, if you do wash gently with a soft wet sponge.

repeat the process and hang the second drop making sure the pattern lines up perfectly working away from the butted edge with your soft spactula. You can also safely seal the butt joins using a small rubber roller along the join. But go easy with the roller as overworking the join could cause the edges to fray.

repeat this process until you have completed all drops.

Let wallpaper settle for about 15 minutes before trimming the top and bottom.

Now the fun part... stand back and admire your handywork and your faboulous new wallpaper!


If you have any problems hanging or removing your walllpaper or get stuck in any way - please call our technical bods at Printed Wallpaper Company for friendly advice and further assistance. Telephone: 0330 113 1642.